Motorbike Themed Engagement Shoot // Clare & Ian

Clare and Ian wanted to do something a little bit different for their Engagement Shoot. As well as getting some lovely pictures of the pair of them together, they particularly wanted to get a fabulous image that they could use for their Wedding Invitations – a dramatic image which reflected their creative nature and adventurous spirit. They had come up with the idea of having an image of the two of them, in full wedding dress, riding off together on their beloved motorbike. And so, the Motorbike Themed Engagement Shoot was born!

This was a really exciting challenge for me. My brief was to capture the feeling of speed and motion, whilst still making sure that the couple were in focus and looking beautiful and composed.  I knew that it would be a very technical shoot, as it involved using a technique called Panning to obtain an effect where the background appears blurry but the subject remains in focus and so gives the impression of speed. I had never done this before and spent a bit of time researching / Googling the technique so that I was ready with the technical side of how to get the shot. All that remained was to put it into practice and hope we got a few keepers.

It was a great, laughter-filled session in the glorious spring sunshine. Clare and Ian had pulled together some random items at the last minute to use for their costumes. Believe it or not, Clare’s ‘Wedding Dress’ was made of some old sacking, some curtain material and a string of pearls and Ian had borrowed a suit jacket from a relative at the last minute.  We headed out to a private road in the middle of the Lincolnshire countryside and I spent the afternoon taking pictures of them zooming up and down the lane until the skies darkened and filled with dramatic storm clouds and we had to call it a day.

Here is a handful of my favourite images from that day. I’m absolutely delighted with the results of the Motorbike Themed Engagement Shoot. – I think it really achieves what we set out to do, and Clare and Ian had several images to choose from for their Wedding Invitation, eventually settling on the shot above.