Bristol Portrait Photographer // Christmas in Colorado

As a Bristol Portrait Photographer, it’s not often I get to shoot in a wintery, snowy environment so I was really excited for Christmas 2016 as Marie and I flew over to Colorado to spend a couple of snowy weeks with the family in my sister’s new hometown. After a decade of globe-trotting with her American husband taking them to London, New York, Cape Town and Dallas, they have finally bought a house and settled down with their family in Louisville, just outside Denver.

The Rocky Mountains are just a short drive away from their home, which is one of the main reasons they chose the location, so almost as soon as we arrived we were whisked off to Winter Park for a long weekend of skiing and fine snow play which my parents had very kindly arranged. Winter Park is a fantastic ski-resort with miles of empty slopes and the most amazing powder snow I have ever seen, but the altitude took some getting used to and golly it was COLD. One day saw lows of -25C and despite trying to brave it out on the mountain, we were forced to head back down to the village and spend the afternoon drinking hot chocolates. There was also loads for the kids to do too – once we’d defrosted we took them tubing, which was great fun for everyone.

The rest of the trip was spent exploring the town of Louisville, with its artisan bakers, cool bars and microbreweries and the best guitar shop I’ve ever been in (Wildwood Guitars) where I could easily have spent five years’ salary on boutique amplifiers and super-rare, Fender Custom Shop guitars).

We were really lucky over Christmas to get lots of snow and the most beautiful light, so there were thousands of opportunities for me to get the camera out and grab some shots of Ellie and Rowan playing in the snow and a few environmental family portraits. It was also great to be able to do this in Vicky and Bill’s new home as it makes the images just that little bit more personal. I also managed to squeeze in a relaxed couple shoot with Vicky and Bill one evening to top it all off.

Thanks for having us for Christmas guys, it was a super couple of weeks and we loved checking out your new home.

Here are a few frames from our 2016 Christmas in Colorado.